"Imagine if the James Gang had a major jazz epiphany and came out of the woodshed charged with improvisational daring. That's what guitarist Ed Littman conjures up alongside drummer Danny Gottlieb and bassist Mark Egan on his hard-hitting debut, "My Window". He's got one foot solidly in the rock camp while bodly striding with the other into far more adventurous territory."
-- Bill Milkowski, writer for Jazz Times

"On Splatt, guitarist Ed Littman nimbly jumps from raucous, go-for-the-throat thrash jams (Grind It, Radio Ready) to delicate, dark-hued esoterica (Loner, Plus); sometimes touching both bases within the same piece (Avar-Hove). Throw in a pinch of Ď60s psychedelia (Gear Winder), some Ornette-inspired harmolodics (Yippy), one melancholy Ventures/Shadows-inspired surf ballad (Night Sky), bits of avant sound collage (Trap-Op, Godda Quarter?), a metalesque anthem of Black Sabbath proportions (Another Emotion) and one over-the-top fretboard freakout (Swank) and youíve got an incredibly eclectic guitar album. Whether itís outside or inside, pure toned or grunge toned, jazzy or rocking, the watchword for all of the material on Splatt is creativity." --Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times

"Brilliant Coroners: "No two ways about it, their scalpels are sharp. Of course they're not alone in exhuming and examining Monk. His body of work has been carved up a million ways. These guys do it with a loving smirk."
- Time Out NY

"This isn't your average Thelonious Monk cover band. The High Priest's chunks of knotty inspiration are infused with punk energy."
--- Time Out New York

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